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William "Boon" Oxford

     William “Boon” Oxford was the younger brother Of Mance Oxford.  “Boon” was born in 1890.  He was the next to youngest of seven children born to Berry (1832) and Jane (Mets?) Oxford (1849).  The Berry Oxford family were residents of Terrell Counry Georgia.  Their children were Mance (1872), Ada (1884), Beulah “Hun” (1887), Ophelia “Field” (1888), Wilkes “Bud” (1889), William “Boon”(1890), and “Scold” (1894).


      “Boon” married Miss Willie Weaver and the couple farmed for a while in Terrell County.  They were the parents of three children.  During the 1920s the “Boon” family moved to Philadelphia, PA in search of economic opportunities.  “Boon” lived in Philadelphia until his death in 1955.  His wife died in 1970.  Two of their children, Dave and Raymond, died in 1965 (Dave), and 1972 (Raymond).  A third child, Mercedes Oxford Hudley, still lives in Philadelphia.  Mrs. Hudley had three children, Cynthia Hudley Thurston, John Hudley (died 1989), and Annette Cannady.  Numerous descendants of the family still live in the Philadelphia area.

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