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Rosetta Oxford

     Rosetta Hill Oxford was born on June 18, 1926 in Osceola County, Florida.  Her father’s name was Alex Hill (he was born in Fayetteville NC).  Her mother’s name was Mary Ray Hill.  Her mother was ½ Cherokee Indian (Mary Ray Hill was born in Raleigh, NC).  Rosetta was the youngest of nine children.  Her five brothers’ names were Lester, Jessie, Clyde Perry, Alexander, and J.D.  Her sisters were Elizabeth and Lillie Mae.  All are deceased.  


     As a youngster, she remembers the men of her family going to work at the turpentine plant and the women staying home with the children.  Her father was a turpentine wood rider boss.  Her father was also a Deacon in St. Mary’s Baptist Church in Osceola County.  She remembers her mother going barefoot as a little girl.  Her brothers were quite a bit older because she remembers that Jessie, Clyde and Alexander got married while she was still a youngster.


     The family moved from Holopaw, in Osceola County, to Orlando Florida because the hometown dispersed.  Rosetta attended elementary school in Osceola County, junior high school in Jacksonville Florida and graduated from Jones High School in Orlando.  She married Otis Oxford in Orlando.  During her lifetime Rosetta held employment as a housekeeper, a childcare worker, a clinical nurse assistant and a foster grandparent.


     Rosetta had four children; Lester Lavon, Ernest Allen (deceased), Rose Mary, and Lorenzo Lee.  She has 15 grandchildren: (Lester) Wesley & Mary; (Ernest) Angela, Jerry, Gail, & Sonja; (Rose Mary) Elgin, Terri, & Harry II; (Lorenzo) Joshua, Cortesia, Avad, Janay, Sarah, & Caleb.  She has 10 great-grands: (Angela) Anshenicka, & Ashley; (Jerry) Jarmel, & Jasmin; (Gail) Aisha; (Elgin) Regis-Rose; (Terri) Elgin Otis, & Terrena-Rose; (Harry II) Sarah


     Rosetta is currently a member of New Zion Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. T.C. Carr, Pastor.  She is a member of the Deaconess Board, and has served in the choir.  Her advice to the younger generation is “Stay in school, further your education and always trust in God because He is able to see you through.”  Rosetta wants to be remembered as a “good mother and a Christian friend.”  “If I can help somebody as I pass along, then my living will not be in vain.


July, 2003

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